What is a Wine Aerator Pourer?

Wine Aerator Pourer

I’m guessing you have probably come across a wine aerator pourer at some point if you regularly shop around for wine gadgets. This is in fact one of the best wine gadgets you could have, because it is designed to make sure you can get the very best from every bottle of wine you open. If you want to know more about the pourer, keep reading to learn some interesting facts about it.

What’s the idea then?

The idea is that no wine is perfect to taste right from the bottle. This is particularly true with red wines. You’ve probably heard the idea of letting them breathe for a while before you pour them. The reason for this is that you cannot aerate a bottle of wine simply by uncorking it. Just think of how narrow the neck of the bottle is and how much wine is in there. There is no way you can aerate it in this way.

Indeed, even if you pour out a glass and leave it to sit you won’t get the result you want. So the main thing to do is to pour the wine through a wine aerator so that it flows into the glass and is aerated en route. This will provide you with the perfect glass of wine when you taste it.

Is it true that a wine aerator pourer will only work with a decanter?

No, this isn’t true. Luckily the design is such that it can work just as well with a glass as with a decanter. Indeed, some of the designs of wine aerators – such as the Wine Weaver for example – are made so they work with both glasses and decanters. So if you don’t own a decanter don’t worry – you can still own a wine aerator if you wish.

That’s all very well – but do they really work or are they just another gadget to sell?

You would be forgiven for thinking this could be a gimmick. But if you speak to anyone who has ever tried one of these, they will tell you how good they are. It’s understandable that you may be skeptical because all you are doing is pouring the wine through a device and into the glass. It doesn’t look any different when it reaches the other end.

However what matters is that it tastes different – amazingly different in some cases. You won’t notice as much of a difference with white wines, but the reds are quite remarkable. The best bet to test it when you buy one is to uncork a bottle of red and pour a glass as you would normally. Then pour a second glass through the aerator. When you taste them both, you will be amazed at how different they will be.

Wine Aerator Pourer

So you can see that this is far from being just another gadget – it could in fact be one of the best ones you ever have. Have you got a wine aerator pourer on your shopping list?

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