Why Use a Wine Aerator?

Why Use a Wine Aerator?

Wine AeratorIf you like wine you will probably have heard of a wine aerator. But if you don’t currently own one it will probably be because you have one question on your mind – why use a wine aerator?

The answer lies in what the aerator actually does. It may look like an unusual and bizarre piece of equipment, but it does have a specific function. This function makes your wine taste very different if you use the aerator in the proper manner.

Am I right in thinking that it aerates the wine?

Yes you are correct – it allows the maximum amount of airflow into and through the wine as you pour it from the bottle. You can use an aerator with a decanter or pour it straight through the aerator and into the glass.

An aerator is designed to do this in the best possible way, to aerate the wine quickly and easily. If you tried to do it without the aid of an aerator it would take a long time and you would not be able to achieve the same results.

Why do I need to put air in my wine? – wine aerators

It’s not a question of putting air into it as such – it’s more a question of letting the wine interact with the air before you drink it. The air allows more of the flavors and aromas that are locked into the wine to come out. If you pour it straight from the bottle into the glass you only get a fraction of all the delights that you were intended to experience.

It’s fair enough to ask ‘why use a wine aerator’ but the answer is really in the tasting. If you try the same wine with and without the aid of an aerator, you will have the answer you are seeking.

Okay so I really should think about investing in one of these aerators?

You should. The Wine Weaver is the best one around and it is not very expensive either. It actually makes a great gift if you should happen to have any wine aficionados in your life!

It is always best to get something that isn’t breakable, and the Wine Weaver is made from polycarbon. This also ensures your glass or decanter won’t break when you use the aerator with it. The beauty of the Wine Weaver aerator is not just in the way that it releases all the flavors and aromas from your wine; it is also in the way it looks. It sits on a stand while not in use and is good looking enough to display as an ornament. Its wine glass appearance belies its true nature, giving everyone the ability to enjoy a sensational object that looks good and certainly works extremely well too.

So you can see that if you ask yourself the question ‘why use a wine aerator’, you will only need to try one once to see how effective it is. If you love drinking red wine in particular, there is every reason to invest in an wine aerator now.

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